June 2015

Jenna before Yankee Stadium

Cinnamon dessert nachos
with ice cream

June has found me deep into my first draft for my next Western historical, tentatively called Spirit Warrior. I'm batting about 50-50 on titles, so that one might not stick. I'm also preparing to submit the proposal for my third Intrigue stories in the Apache Protectors series and expecting edits for the second Intrigue anytime. In the center of this crazy month, I took a online course by Stephanie Draven on character development. This was a really wonderful learning experience offered through RWA University (Romance Writers of America) and introduced me to a great writing tool called Aeons Timeline.

Proof that I did see some
of the game, when I wasn't eating.​

All work, no play?

Not exactly. I did sneak off to see the Yankees beat the Angels in game one of their home series. The Yankees nearly gave my husband a heart attack in the 9th. At that point I was in deep regret over the Nathan's French fries, ice cream Sunday, salted peanuts and beer I had consumed over seven innings. But it was a beautiful night, even if I did consume twice my recommended daily caloric intake.

I'm looking forward to July because my next Western Historical, Running Wolf, will release and because my husband and I will be taking some much needed vacation time.


May 2015

Jenna Kernan presents her
workshop in Portland, ME​

I've split this month into two equally rewarding endeavors.


I was very pleased to be asked to present a workshop at the MRW Retreat.  My workshop on plotting was well received and a lot of fun.  Portland, ME is a wonderful city and I was really happy to have a few hours free to walk around.  After spending a weekend with the talented welcoming writers up there in Maine, I feel I've made a few new friends. 


I've had my final look at my debut romantic suspense, SHADOW WOLF.  The next time I see this story it will be in book form and the hands of readers.  But I will have to wait until December.  Won't that be a nice Christmas present?  I can't wait!  This story is book #1 in the APACHE PROTECTOR series.  Here is my one sentence synopsis.

She aids illegals and he apprehends them but when this humanitarian pacifist witnesses a cartel killing in the Sonora Dessert, she becomes this Apache lawman’s only witness.

I hope you are enjoying the spring blooms as much as I am.  My vegetable garden is in and my pumpkins and tomatoes are looking very promising. 

Happy Spring!

April 2015

April finds me appreciating anything green and growing.  The month began with snowdrops emerging through the ice and is ending with daffodils and bleeding hearts.

Publishing:  It is not often you get the opportunity to have lunch with two senior editors.  But this month I had the pleasure of meeting with my editor and my new editor, the senior editor of the Harlequin Intrigue line.  I gleaned so wonderful insight on the line and am so excited to be one of the new members of the Intrigue series.  

Writing:  My second Harlequin Intrigue in the upcoming series, APACHE PROTECTORS, is due to my editor next month.  This means I have been working hard to polish the completed manuscript entitled HUNTER MOON and get it ready for submission.  I'm happy to report that the first story, SHADOW WOLF, has been accepted and scheduled for release in December!

Next Release: Look for my latest Harlequin Historical, RUNNING WOLF. this July.  There is an excerpt up and the research tidbit in my Extras page.  I've been just fascinated with the topic of Coup Feathers and did my own original drawing just so I could share an image of what I have discovered with my readers.  Please take a look on my Facebook page, Extras page or my blog.


March 2015

With the draft of book 2 in the APACHE PROTECTOR series complete which is good, as it is due to my editor next month. This month also brought me to Lower Manhattan for a lunch date with my editor and my new editor of the Intrigue line at Harlequin. Completing a story is one of my most satisfying moments as a writer. But lunch with my editors is a lovely perk. Managed to squeeze in a quick stop at the NY Public Library. Readers know this is one of my very favorite places to visit in Midtown.


February 2015

Barely any time to stop and smell the roses!

This month I've been finishing up  the first draft of my second romantic suspense in the APACHE PROTECTOR series for Harlequin's Intrique line. The draft is nearly complete and I am turning now to copy edits on the first in this same line. This first story will release in December of this year. 

January 2015

Sunshine and snow greet
my January writing days.

SALE: I am beyond thrilled to announce that I will be writing a series of four romantic suspense novels for Harlequin Intrigue. This is a really exciting change for me which offers new challenges and inclusion in a marvelous series which boasts wonderful distribution. The series is set in the American Southwest and is tentatively entitled APACHE PROTECTORS. The four stories will release in 2016 and I am writing...writing...writing...on these manuscripts. Check back for excerpts, covers and news about this work in progress.


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