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Loggerhead Turtles Drama Unfolds

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

Turtle Babies Aug 04, 2016

Our heroes

Beach walks can be very exciting.  Today’s petite drama involved a nest of sea turtle eggs.

The Scene before the story begins: 90 or so baby loggerhead turtles waiting in the sand for a few more nights when all the nestlings will all be ready to run for the sea. But there is movement. Above them an enemy waits.

Our Villain – a rascal raccoon (also needs to eat and hence his motivation).

Our heroes Six baby loggerhead turtles who have escaped the raccoon, but are disoriented and unable to reach the sea.

Enemies, Hazards & Travails – the lights from a nearby condo that mislead two of the survivors to head in that direction instead of toward the sea.

Allies – The condo maintenance man who spots the two struggling to climb the steps of the condo pool entrance and takes them two the water.  He has named them Campbell and Soup.  He then alerts another ally – the marine sea turtle conservation and research worker who tells him that he should not touch baby turtles or move them.  The maintenance man cites the circling gulls in defense of his action.  The marine worker then springs into action, digging four turtles from the nest.  These four have somehow evaded notice by enemies.  She puts the four survivors in a bright green bucket for later release.

2016-08-04 08.38.55

The survivors


2016-08-04 08.39.15

The rescue transportation device – a bucket


2016-08-04 08.41.55

One turtle strives for escape from transport


2016-08-04 08.39.54

Turtle ally @motemarinelab


2016-08-04 08.42.48

Observers, also allies?…


2016-08-04 08.44.55

Transport begins

Sea Turtle Nesting Information from @MoteMarineLabs



Nesting Turtle Daytime: Take Photos, No Flash, Call rescue patrol

Live Hatching: “Off the beach, heading away from water, or washing in on the waves” “Place in bucket with moist sand.  Cover with a towel.  Keep in dark place.  Keep out of A/C.  Call rescue patrol

Eggs Exposed: Get Nest ID from yellow stake.  Call rescue patrol.



Fill Holes

Reduce beachfront lighting

Pick up trash  (Plastic bags look like jellyfish – turtle food!)

Remove Beach Furniture at night

Keep Flashlights off the beach

Love Locks

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

Redbuds in flower on Brooklyn side of the famous bridge.

I’ve been across the Brooklyn Bridge a time or two but noticed something new on this trip. “Love-Locks” have taken over many of the clip-worthy spots on the bridge. According to a quick web search, the tradition of fastening a padlock to a bridge began in Europe. These locks are usually a visible tribute to the endurance of a couples love and, when possible, the key is chucked into the river.


Do you think Monty still brings Pippi flowers?

There are now thousands of these little tokens all thoughtfully locked onto public property. They are fixed to the bridge like remora to a shark. I am certain the love of the couples will endure, but the locks….maybe not. I’m seeing work crews with bolt cutters in their future. Some of the locks are etched. Many have initials and dates scribbled on them with a black sharpie. Some are carefully etched. Some confused couples have inexplicably clipped their locks to a chain-link fence at the ferry pier.

Love locks fastened to every available cable.

Love locks fastened to every available cable.

I’m glad to know what these little curiosities are and why they are popping up like the onion grass in my yard. How many locks can those cables hold, do you think?