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Virtual and Physical Wanderings

Sunday, August 18th, 2013

Author Jenna Kernan’s wanderings. You never know what you’ll discover!


Virtual Wanderings:  This week I figured out how to create an Author Central Page in French and German.  I loaded up my bio in what will probably turn out to be very bad French and German with the help of an online translator.  Still waiting for the page to be approved but here it is for now:

Jenna Kernan’s Amazon Author Central France

I also made one for Germany.  Both these efforts required having the UK version open so I could guess what meant ‘open’ or ‘save’ or ‘cancel’.  Other virtual wanderings included finally uploading my book trailers to my Goodreads page.

I still can’t believe I managed either but I thank my RWA chapter mates at CoLoNY and especially Sharon Struth for her help with the book trailers (see her trailer here) and RWA Romance Writers’ Report journal for the article by Cynthia Eden about Amazon in the March 2013 edition.  As you can see I’m behind in my reading, again, still, always.


Physical Wanderings: I made it to my favorite Sunday flea market again and today was more interested in people watching than hunting for another important object for my home.  Here are the most interesting outfits for the day.

Most Original Costume


Most likely to buy powdered protein.
That’s a lot of Velcro weights!


Most likely to be ogled.
She’s sexy and a little bit frightening.


Guess Who? I wear orange so my husband can find me. It’s my version of a cow bell, so…most likely not to get lost?

As I mentioned, this week the local market was not nearly so interesting as those who came to hunt and wander.  I hope you have a little wandering time of your own!