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My Books: The Book of Many Interruptions

Sunday, November 18th, 2012

Pop the cork. The manuscript is done!

This will be a short post as I am running on glee and elation which is tenuous at best.  The manuscript of many interruptions is on its way electronically to my editor and I am ready to celebrate.  This is the draft of my next Harlequin Nocturne, a dark paranormal romance.  If you are curious about the plot, here is a sentence on the story: A werewolf must choose between his duty to a comrade and his love for the female vampire his is sworn to capture.

The story is due tomorrow so I made this deadline by only hours.  The sheer relief is uplifting, a feeling like no other.  As is my custom on completion, I’ll be taking my neglected husband out for dinner anywhere he likes.  So much of the business of publishing is outside my control.  But I can control my writing and my submissions.

I call this the manuscript of many interruptions because this one project seemed plagued by more than the normal distractions such as revisions on two other books, a Harlequin Historical, THE TEXAS RANGER’S DAUGHTER, February 2013, and my final Nocturne in THE TRACKER’s series, BEAUTY’S BEAST 4/2013.  There were Dear Reader letters to write.  Story information needed to help the cover artist do their work.  Copy Edits to on both books stopped my progress again and so on.

Then there were the weird interruptions, like Hurricane Sandy.  She knocked out my heat and lights for three days.  I charged my computer using the car jack and wrote wearing a coat.  When it got too cold, I retreated to the public library to enjoy their heat, electricity and, oh joy, the Internet connection.  In between writing, I helped drag branches away and sawed trees into portable bits.  The Internet connection, television and phone were out for five more days.  So I used my smartphone for research and periodically scanned the street for repair trucks from my cable provider.

Anyway…this book was uphill both ways.