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Six Ways Authors Use Pinterest

Saturday, August 1st, 2015

pinterest 5 - vampire's wolf sm

I have started a lot of Pinterest boards including one for my July 1 Western Historical from Harlequin, RUNNING WOLF.  I find Pinterest relaxing, inspiring and fun and thought I would share with you six of the ways I use Pinterest boards in my writing.

  1. Book Specific Board: RUNNING WOLF

Jenna Kernan's Pinterest board for RUNNING WOLF

I used this Pinterest board to find historical shots to help with descriptions and modern photos to make the characters seem more real. Here is a bit about my July 1 release, RUNNING WOLF:

From the moment Snow Raven came charging in to my first scene on her white horse, I have been in love with this character. My heroine is the daughter of a Crow chief and is bright, stoic and brave, even after being captured by her enemies.   At first she wants only to survive until she is rescued. But when faced with the needs of her fellow captives, she grows into a warrior, forgoing her own happiness to win their freedom.

My hero, Running Wolf, is the War Chief of his Sioux tribe and an enemy to the Crow people. Running Wolf is at first intrigued, then confounded and later fascinated by the captive, Snow Raven. They both resist a love that will cost them all. He must lead his people and protect them from their enemies, while she must try to bring her people home.

  1. Series Specific Boards: THE TRACKERS series from Harlequin Nocturne.

Jenna Kernan's Pinterest board for THE TRACKER series


This board was far more creepy and atmospheric. I tried to create a mood or otherworldly creatures linked to Native American myth and legend. My characters in this series include Skinwalkers who shift from human form to bears, buffalo, wolves and even ravens. But other supernatural spirits make appearances including Thunderbirds, Thunder Horses, The Whirlwinds, ghosts, the guardian who evaluates your soul after you die and the ruler of the Circle of Ghosts.

  1. Connecting with Readers: My Keeper Shelf

Pinterest 6 Books I love sm

Readers who want to know what I’m currently reading can always visit my GoodReads page and follow me there. I often run first-reads giveaways there and had two this month. But if you want to see what’s on my personal keeper shelf, you can find out on My Keeper Shelf board.

  1. Genre Specific Board: Western Christmas

pinterest 3 western Christmas sm

I’ve written a lot of Christmas novellas for Harlequin Historical including my latest in the anthology collection Wild West Christmas and so I began pinning images of winter scenes including Christmas pictures with Western flare. This board remains one of my fan favorites.

  1. Promotion: My Book Covers

pinterest 4 covers sm

Of course, I want readers to be able to share my beautiful book covers. This board also includes first looks at covers and some of my unboxing, when my author copies arrive! Boy, to I love to see these pins repinned!

  1. Laughs and Giggles: Odds and Ends board

Pinterest 2 odds & ends sm

Sometimes you just need a laugh. That’s why I created this board. Here I’ve collected things that make me laugh, smile or book-related items that I love. My newest favorite is the sign in a library parking lot that reads, “Library Parking Only. Violators will be held in low esteem.”

  1. Secret Boards

Pinterest 7 Apache Protectors sm

Shhh! This board is secret, a collection for my own use while I am writing my newest series, my first romantic suspense for Harlequin Intrigue. I’m giving readers a peek of the images of Apache people I’m pinning for APACHE PROTECTORS. This board is not viewable to my fans yet, but it will be soon.

Here is a tiny, tiny, teaser for book one, SHADOW WOLF (December 2015)

She aids illegals and he apprehends them but when this humanitarian pacifist witnesses a cartel killing in the Sonora Dessert, she becomes this Apache lawman’s only witness.

So, there are seven ways I use Pinterest. I hope you’ll follow one of my boards. Here are some other ways to connect with me.

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 ***This blog first appeared on Pink Hearts Blog June 27, 2015***




The MET – 8 hours, 6 miles and I still didn’t see it all

Friday, June 28th, 2013

It’s true.  My Fitbit pedometer says I walked 6 miles, most of it in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and I was there from open to close and I did not see it all.  I heard a man moaning to his wife that the tour only gave them an hour to see the MET and he knew he’d never even get a taste.  He was right.  When I have a full day in the MET, I have two objectives.  First I want to visit my favorite places and objects and second I want to find somewhere I have never been.  This time I found two entire floors that I had never set foot it.  It’s like exploring Hogwarts only with a better map.

Which floors, you ask, did I miss?  The first is the mezzanine above the main gallery in the Greek and Roman sculpture.  These are huge galleries, one of which has an entire chariot, yet I never set foot in them before.  The second is the third floor of the American Wing.  Did you know they have an entire room from the 1600 America up there?  Incredible.

                                                                                                              The view from MET rooftop garden is spectacular

This visit I was there at the right season to visit the rooftop gallery and café.  This spot has amazing views of Central Park and the city beyond.


Africa, Oceana and the Americas Section of the Museum is less crowded. A hidden jewel.

I love all the open spaces in the MET.  Top on my list are the large gallery in the Africa, Oceana and the Americas gallery, the large open area in the Greek and Roman Art galleries, The American Wing open sculpture garden, and the Egyptian Temple of Denhur.  Medieval Arts has an open place, the Medieval Sculpture Hall, where they set the nativity each year.  There is a Spanish courtyard (Gallery 534 Patio from the Castle of Vélez Blanco) just to the left of the grand staircase that is very beautiful.  Unfortunately, I did not see the Chinese Vanderbilt garden this trip because it is closed for renovations.  I hope they are taking good care of the koi fish.

Impressionist in the 19th Century European Art galleries are always popular, but if you get there early you can sometimes avoid the crowds.

Some of my favorite painting are by John Singer Sargent in The American Wing, including Madame X.  In the European section, I visit the Gauguin each trip (The Annenberg Collection: Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Masters)  and in the Modern Art area I love Modigliani, O’Keeffe and Matisse.

The American Wing has lots of Tiffany windows, glass works and jewelry

As for decorative arts, I always love Tiffany’s windows and anything that is jewelry.  Faberge eggs are on display, if you can find them.

Moonstones and Montana sapphires, by Tiffany

I returned home footsore and astonished at how much I saw, how much I didn’t have time to see and feeling bereft for that man who only had a hour in that magical museum.