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Friday, February 17th, 2017

Can you see what’s different?

You need a sharp eye to spot the difference in these nearly identical covers.  There is only one change between them.  Can you find it?

Author Jenna Kernan on her New Release

Sunday, February 12th, 2017


Have you picked up your copy of the second in my new romantic suspense series from Harlequin Intrigue?  Eagle Warrior is a fast read and features my bad-boy, Ray Strong.  Most folks wouldn’t trust Ray to look after a house plant let alone a woman and child, but that is just what happens.  Now he has to figure out if protecting Morgan Hooke means protecting the enemy.

If you love a treasure hunt paired with a thrill-ride, you’ll love EAGLE WARRIOR.



Author Jenna Kernan Unboxing EAGLE WARRIOR

Wednesday, February 8th, 2017


I love to share the excitement of a new release with my readers.  Here’s the unboxing of book #2 in my latest series – APACHE PROTECTORS: TRIBAL THUNDER.  This is a new romantic suspense from Harlequin Intrigue and continues the journey of the men of Turquoise Canyon as they face a threat from eco-extremists.  In EAGLE WARRIOR readers get another piece of the puzzle and important clues to the target of the attack.


Eagle Warrior is an “…edge of your seat thriller…”

Saturday, February 4th, 2017

Digital Now Available!

Amazon Review are Coming In

Have you seen the Amazon Reviews for Eagle Warrior, #2 in the APACHE PROTECTORS: TRIBAL THUNDER series from Harlequin Intrigue?  Here’s what readers are saying:

An attention grabber! This fast paced book takes us from one danger to another…

Lynn B

An amazing read. Full of surprises,a sit on the edge of your seat thriller.Lots of suspense and mystery. Next book in the series please.

A Kindle Customer

Jenna Kernan has once again bought us another exciting thrill ride!

Kristofer VanDaniker

Jenna writes a wonderful adventure -love story. Don’t miss it!

Amazon Customer

Jenna Kernan is a 5 star author and you will enjoy!

Lynn Grier

This thrilling new story will have you wanting more!

A. Shiv

 It’s an emotional journey and I can’t wait to see how it will all come together in the end! Awesome book

Misty Dawn

Heart stopping moments will keep you wanting more from this author. This is an action packed adventure that I could not stop reading.

Cathy Stephens


APACHE PROTECTOR: Tribal Thunder Origin Story – Mayberry on Acid

Tuesday, December 20th, 2016
Bisbee, Arizona. Mining town turned tourist town

Bisbee, Arizona. Mining town turned tourist town

A Gal Walks into a Bar…

I was sitting at the bar of an overcrowded well-recommended restaurant in Tucson, Arizona when the guy in the next stool asked me where I was from.  Well, he was a local and I was traveling.  He told me there was a cute mountain town, Bisbee, just south of Tucson in the cool mountains just 8 miles from the Mexican border and, after dinner, off I went.

Little did I know that Bisbee would provide the inspiration for my new romantic suspense series, APACHE PROTECTORS: TRIBAL THUNDER, beginning in January 2017.

Tombstone, AZ was on the way.  We stopped, but I wasn’t inspired by the tourist town.  The real Tombstone mostly burned down just after the OK Corral.  The graveyard there is wonderful and I highly recommend that.  No inspiration struck me there, so back in the car and heading south.


There’s a nearly deserted main street beside the Lavender Pit south of Bisbee

Bisbee – “Mayberry on Acid”

I never heard of Bisbee but they have t-shirts for sale in the shops there that say “Mayberry on Acid.”  It’s a strange and wonderful place and, for me, an inspirational one.  This town was founded on copper, mining company town, running shifts 24/7.  Cave-ins.  Strikes and Union-busting–The whole shebang.  The buildings all perch on the mountain with the firm but precarious hold of a mountain goat. The place is steeped in history and emerging as a resort town because it is higher, cooler and has cleaner air than Tucson and Phoenix.

The Copper Queen Hotel - is said to be haunted by three ghosts

The Copper Queen Hotel – is said to be haunted by three ghosts

The Copper Queen Hotel

We visited the mining museum, did a walkabout and checked in to the Copper Queen, a really interesting hotel that resides across the street from the original entrance to the Copper Queen Mine. This hotel is purported to have three resident spirits and is a popular destinations for paranormal enthusiasts.

The Lavender Pit -the fenced remains of an open pit copper mine

The Lavender Pit -the fenced remains of an open pit copper mine

The Lavender Pit

The first mine, The Copper Queen, was underground.  It was closed as unprofitable to be replaced by The Lavender Mine nearby.  This open-pit mine closed in 1974, so it is basically just a huge 900 foot deep hole in the earth.  A mountain that has been moved, uprooted and the tailings spread over miles.  The entire thing is fenced with much signage to Keep Out and No Trespassing, punctuated with threats to prosecute and garnished with razor wire.

I was reminded of the not-so-familiar verse in Woody Guthrie’s popular song; This Land is Your Land.

    As I went walking I saw a sign there

And on the sign it said “No Trespassing.”

But on the other side it didn’t say nothing,

That side was made for you and me.

The Lavender Pit Offices on the edge of the cliff

The Lavender Pit Offices on the edge of the cliff


The Ah-Ha Moment!

It was here, standing on the lip of a huge empty hole, humming “This Land is Your Land”, that inspiration struck!

What an eyesore!  Also what an environmental catastrophe.  And, do I see turquoise just inside the fence?  And where did they keep the blasting cord and canisters they used to shake the rock loose from the walls of this pit?

The bartender at the Copper Queen told me that some migrating geese landed in the standing yellow water at the very bottom of the pit and died instantly.

Yeah – this mine that was the livelihood of the town, did so at great cost to the landscape.  Was it a violation of the earth or an industry providing the country necessary raw materials?


The Unanswerable Question

And there is the crux of my series.  We need to protect the environment but at what cost?  When is it right to defend the earth and at what point does this become radical extremism? Most of us recycle, but would you attack a whaling boat?

I see developments eating farms in Pennsylvania.  I see our coast lines gobbled up by rising condominiums.  But I live in a condo and I like the proximity of the beach.  I didn’t like that hole in the earth.  It felt wrong.  But I like my copper pipes in my condo.

I love a problem where both sides have a winning argument–where neither is all right or all wrong.  I tackled illegal immigration with a book (Shadow Wolf #1 in the Apache Protector series).  In Apache Protectors: Tribal Thunder, I explore man’s need for raw materials, energy and land versus man’s duty to protect the earth.  It’s a whopper of a problem.

I wonder what Woody Guthrie would think.  And more importantly, I wonder what my readers will think.

I’m a long time contributor to many charities, environmental rights being one.  I’m also a gold prospector and love nothing better than digging a hole in the ground to find precious metals, crystals and other treasures.  I walk the beach to search for hatching sea turtles and guard them from birds as they run for the sea.  Then I go back to my air-conditioned apartment to congratulate myself on a job well done.  They hypocrisy of this does not escape me.

If you’d like to order a copy of one or all of the Apache Protectors: Tribal Thunder series, I’ve provided the links I have as of this writing:

Turquoise Guardian #1 January 2017

Eagle Warrior #2            February 2017

Firewolf #3                     May 2017

The Warrior’s Way #4    June 2017