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Writer’s Life: Field Trip

Saturday, March 2nd, 2013

This week I finished and submitted my latest paranormal romance. That means I take myself away from my desk and my keyboard for an outing to celebrate. Today’s field trip was one of my favorite destinations.

Every time I go to NYC I learn something new.  Here are just four things that I learned today.


Happy 100th Grand Central

  1. Grand Central Terminal is celebrating its 100th Birthday.  This Centennial includes a special exhibition in Vanderbilt hall, special merchandising fount there and in the permanent MTA store tucked into the west side of the station and wonderful special events.  I now have a new ornament for my tree, a reproduction of the famous clock that sits atop the information booth in the center of the terminal.  From the exhibition I learned that GCS was first Grand Central Depot, then renamed Grand Central Station and finally Grand Central Terminal.  I also saw clips from all the movies that have been filmed in or around GCS.  Can you name two?  On one trip into NYC, I even saw them filming one of them, I am Legend.  Want more information:

  1. New Favorite Restaurant.  If you take the Subway at 103rd Street, you will step up onto Lexington Avenue and on the Northwest corner there is a restaurant in an old aluminum, 1940’s style diner.  El Aguila serves marvelous Mexican food, though I was not brave enough to try the Mexican goat taco.

  1. The Museum of the City of New York is in an absolutely beautiful mansion that faces Central Park and has a sweeping white marble staircase that is not to be believed.  I felt just like Scarlet O’Hara walking down those steps, minus the hoop skirt.

  1. Coffee, Plus.  If you stop at a particular coffee shop between the 4, 5, and 6 Lexington Subway and the station proper, you will pass a coffee shop/bakery.  When you order coffee there, they give you a tiny little pound cake, the size of a pink eraser, with your coffee.  That little free cake will mean that this place is now my go-to spot for coffee from now on!

New York City is always an adventure and my readers know I love a good adventure!