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Writer’s Life: Where I Write

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

Jenna Kernan in her home office.

I have written in many places.  In my house, I’ve written in the basement during a hurricane, in the bedroom on my laptop and at the dining room table in the early morning sunlight.  When in motion I’ve used my laptop on trains, planes, automobiles and the occasional ferry.  In public places, I’ve written in hotel lobbies, airports, train stations, coffee shops and in my lawn chair at the beach.  I took my Alpha Smart to Alaska and when I was off the grid for a month, I wrote on that using the two batteries for power using an up-ended 5-gallon bucket for a desk.  But most often I write in my home office.

Panaroma of Jenna’s office.

I have two desks set at right angles.  One holds my desktop and various notebooks, the phone and the copier.  The other desk belonged to a friend of my fathers and is quite an old wooden war-horse.  It is nicked and scarred, filled with office supplies and even has a secret compartment.

Yes, that is, in fact, a white whale on my desk

The walls around my desk have some artwork that I enjoy, including some by family members.  I have a poster of the original artwork from my first cover, Winter Woman, above my printer as well as odd things like a raven mask made by an Inuit Indian.  My goals sit beside my monitor along with some Zuni fetishes and a quartz crystal I dug up at the Herkimer Diamond Mine.  My old battle-ax desk holds two scrapers fashioned by human hands and of unknown age.  I found both–one in a river in Florida.  One beside a river in Missouri.  I also have a soapstone grizzly bear and a wooden carved white whale on that desk.  Beyond that desk hangs a Cherokee war shirt made in the 1930s for the tourist trade and a drum upon which is painted the four directions.  I like to wack that drum now and again.  Behind me are my bookcases overloaded with books, photographs and other oddities such as my father’s turkey caller and the portrait of my pet hamster, Hubert, which my sister painted on a rock for my birthday.

Author Jenna Kernan behind her desk.

My sister says it is her favorite room in the house.  It’s mine, as well, because it is filled with a collection of art and objects that bring me joy.

So…that’s where I write.