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Q&A Apache Protectors (#1) Shadow Wolf

Thursday, January 21st, 2016

Author Jenna Kernan answers a few questions of her popular APACHE PROTECTORS series.  Here she delivers the inside scoop on book #1, SHADOW WOLF introducing fans to the Cosen brothers and their search for their missing little sister.

Cover Reveal! RUNNING WOLF

Saturday, March 28th, 2015
Running Wolf, July 2015, Western Historical from Harlequin

Running Wolf, July 2015, Western Historical from Harlequin


This is a super day because I just got my hands on the cover for my July Historical release, RUNNING WOLF.    I love this cover for two reasons.  First, and most importantly, the characters look Native American, which is great, because they are Native American!  He’s Sioux and she is Crow.  Second, it’s a clinch cover, which is so great.  I love them.  Please notice the coup feathers in his hair and the wonderful beaded breast plate which I described to the art department and which they delivered beautifully.

Here is the back cover information and a link for pre orders.  I’ll have advanced reading copies soon and will be running giveaways on GoodReads, here on my website and in my newsletter.


by Jenna Kernan


Running Wolf is a valiant Sioux warrior.  During his first raid as war chief, he captures a surprising Crow enemy–a woman!  This spirited fighter is unlink any he’s ever met.  Her beauty and audacity are entrancing, but threaten his iron resolve…


Snow Raven must focus on freeing herself, not on the man who keeps her captive.  But as she falls deeper under Running Wolf’s spell, she realizes he is her warrior–and she’ll risk everything for him!

“Fans of Karen Kay and Cassie Edwards will savor Kernan’s Indian romances.”  __RT Book Review on His Dakota Captive

ISBN-13: 978-0-373-29839-6

July 15, 2015



Reading at Lady Jane’s Salon in NYC

Friday, April 5th, 2013

Jenna preparing to read at Lady Jane’s

I was nervous about reading at Lady Jane’s Salon in NYC but I tried not to let it show.  After all my friends had driven all the way from central Connecticut (bearing roses no less!) to hear me read and there was the other author, Megan Frampton/Megan Caldwell and her friends and family, plus loyal and enthusiastic lovers of the Romance genre.

As many of you know Lady Jane’s  is a romance only reading series envisioned and founded by authors Maya Rodale, Leanna Renee Hieber and Hope Tarr, and book blogger, Ron Hogan in 2009.  It is so popular that there are now satellite reading series in Denver, CO, Raleigh-Durham, NC, Naperville (Chicago area), IL, San Diego, CA and, most recently, Grenville, SC.

Jenna signing copies of Beauty’s Beast

Needless to say, public speaking in on very few (crazy) people’s favorites list.  But I still marched up those stairs and read an excerpt from my April release, Paranormal Nocturne, BEAUTY’S BEAST.

The audience was so quiet and attentive they actually made me more nervous, but I managed to get through my ten minute except.  Time seemed to slow to make that feel like a hour to me.  I was in such a hurry to get off that stage, I nearly forgot to thank my hosts and my friends and my husband!

Funny, because I don’t have trouble speaking before a group or doing workshops on the craft of writing.  But reading my own story out loud fell into some unique category.

Postman Books, set up and ready to sell books!

Afterward I was pleased to sign several copies of my book, thanks to Stacey at Postman Books, a friend and bookseller who is a faithful devotee of the Salon.

Then I had a nice surprise.  I met a striking young woman who introduced me as an actress and model that spent three days in the studio recording BEAUTY’S BEAST for Audible BooksKelly Rae LeGault is the reader, and how cool is it to meet the reader of my first ebook?  I’m thrilled and hope that my fans will enjoy listening to this story, as well as reading it!

I got to sign a copy of my story for Kelly Rae LeGault the actress and reader for Audible Books on Beauty’s Beast

If you missed my reading but would like to learn more about BEAUTY’S BEAST, please join me on April 29th for the Harlequin’s Community Forum where I’ll be talking about sexy Skinwalkers and how they differ from shapeshifters.

Heading back to Grand Central with my roses and memories!

My Books: The Book of Many Interruptions

Sunday, November 18th, 2012

Pop the cork. The manuscript is done!

This will be a short post as I am running on glee and elation which is tenuous at best.  The manuscript of many interruptions is on its way electronically to my editor and I am ready to celebrate.  This is the draft of my next Harlequin Nocturne, a dark paranormal romance.  If you are curious about the plot, here is a sentence on the story: A werewolf must choose between his duty to a comrade and his love for the female vampire his is sworn to capture.

The story is due tomorrow so I made this deadline by only hours.  The sheer relief is uplifting, a feeling like no other.  As is my custom on completion, I’ll be taking my neglected husband out for dinner anywhere he likes.  So much of the business of publishing is outside my control.  But I can control my writing and my submissions.

I call this the manuscript of many interruptions because this one project seemed plagued by more than the normal distractions such as revisions on two other books, a Harlequin Historical, THE TEXAS RANGER’S DAUGHTER, February 2013, and my final Nocturne in THE TRACKER’s series, BEAUTY’S BEAST 4/2013.  There were Dear Reader letters to write.  Story information needed to help the cover artist do their work.  Copy Edits to on both books stopped my progress again and so on.

Then there were the weird interruptions, like Hurricane Sandy.  She knocked out my heat and lights for three days.  I charged my computer using the car jack and wrote wearing a coat.  When it got too cold, I retreated to the public library to enjoy their heat, electricity and, oh joy, the Internet connection.  In between writing, I helped drag branches away and sawed trees into portable bits.  The Internet connection, television and phone were out for five more days.  So I used my smartphone for research and periodically scanned the street for repair trucks from my cable provider.

Anyway…this book was uphill both ways.

Writer’s Life: Foreign Sales

Friday, October 5th, 2012

We all receive too many bills in the mail. But occasionally, out of the blue, I come home to find a small cardboard box on my doorstep. I now recognize them on sight. These are the two copies of foreign releases that I receive ‘when available’. I never know what country to expect or what the cover will look like.

Some covers are so similar as to be instantly recognizable. That’s the case with my Western Historical, THE TRAPPER. These covers are nearly twins except one says, “When two separate worlds come together…” and the other says “Stati Uniti, 1830”. The only thing they changed was the title from THE TRAPPER to SENTIERI SELVAGGI. I didn’t know what Sentieri Selvaggi meant. But I used an Italian/English translator so say hello to SAVAGE TRAIL.


Some arrivals are very different, but yield a clue as to which story this might be. That’s how I knew on sight that HIS DAKOTA BRIDE had turned into THE HONOR OF LUCIE (L’HONNEUR De LUCIE) because my heroine’s name is Lucie West. I think this French cover is a stunner, which goes to show that even the Historical covers are fashionable if they come from France.


Sometimes the book in the box is so completely different that I don’t even know which book has been translated. That’s the case when HIGH PLAINS BRIDE became the French release titled, THE ROSE OF THE WEST (La ROSE De L’OUEST). On this one they changed the cover and the title so that the end result is a complete departure. I had to flip this one over to search for the hero’s name. This is because the audiences in different countries have different aesthetics.  I imagine some chic Parisian looking at books during her three hour lunch break and wonder what she would think of cover of the interior of a log cabin chinked with mud and straw sporting a bed hacked from raw timber. Hard to relate—you know?

I’m wondering how the Native American Shapeshifters in my Nocturne series THE TRACKERS will transform when they go abroad and what countries they will visit.  Guess I’ll just have to keep my eye out for those intriguing little cardboard boxes.