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Craft: Bonus Material, The Texas Ranger’s Daughter

Sunday, February 3rd, 2013

By now some of you have read THE TEXAS RANGER’S DAUGHTER, released this week.  I thought readers might enjoy seeing some bonus material that never made the book.  This section was cut from the manuscript for several reasons.  Since Laurie mentions her encounter with Anton to Boon, having her seducer appears seemed unnecessary.  Her memories of the incident and her mother’s mention of Anton served the purpose of explaining to the reader why Laurie never married and why she feels like a fraud.  Also, if Anton reappears, Laurie has to act to protect other girls who might face seduction and then Boon or her father would have had to deal with him and this tangent would pull attention away from the developing love interest.  In other words, it side-tracked the story, so it had to go.

Still, I thought that the readers might enjoy seeing Laurie meet the man who ruined her and made her feel like such a fraud.  It was this man who kept her from being able to find a husband out of fear he would know she was not pure and fear that she was unworthy of a good man.

Here’s the cut scene between Laurie Bender and Anton Fischer…


A knock sounded on the door so quickly after her father’s departure that Laurie thought he must have forgotten something.  But when she opened the door it was to the face she had spent the last five years trying to forget.

There in the hallway stood Anton Fischer, the Ranger who had seduced her and then dropped her like a bad penny.  He had changed little, except that his face was no longer lean and his waist was no longer trim.  He grinned roguishly at her and Laurie wondered where she had put Larson’s gun.

Her stomach dropped as if she was falling, but something about his smug expression replaced her shock with a suspicion, creeping in like fog.  Was this some kind of game to him?

“What are you doing here?”

“Surprised to see me?”

She had heard from her mother that he had left the division shortly after marrying the one he had been engaged to even as he had taken her innocence, some five years ago.  She knew he had been working in the pharmacy owned by his in-laws here in Abilene.  He also had several children.

Laurie narrowed her eyes on him.  If he thought her the same silly girl she had been he certainly was in for a surprise.

His expression told her that he had not accidentally run into her while seeking her father.  No, this was a planned encounter, a strategic attack.  He always knew when her father was away and always approached her at such times.

“What is it you want, Mr. Fischer.”

“That’s mighty formal for the road we traveled.”

“You are very lucky that we two are the only ones who knew of that.”

“Well, that’s the thing I’m here about.  Since I never did have to pay that piper I figure you are a gal who can keep a secret.  And seeing how you’ve grown into such a beauty, I wondered if you had any interest in renewing our acquaintance.”

Laurie’s cool demeanor slipped and outrage roared.

“I do not.”  She fairly spat the words at him.  How could she ever have considered him romantic when now just looking at him filled her with disgust?

“Pity, still you are a bit old now.”

Old?  She was not yet twenty and he called her old.  A dreadful thought occurred to her.

“How many other girls have you seduced?”

He gave her that smug cat smile and a shrug then reset his hat.  “Just like you, Laurie, Dearie.  I don’t kiss and tell.”

With that, he strolled away, whistling ‘Camptown Races.’

Laurie narrowed her eyes as she considered her folly might not be losing her virginity to Anton Fischer, but not telling anyone about it.

How many girls had suffered her fate because of her unwillingness to reveal the truth?

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