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Cray Cray Crime – December 2016

Friday, December 23rd, 2016
#CrayCrayCrime is a feature on Jenna Kernan's blog and Facebook pages

#CrayCrayCrime is a feature on Jenna Kernan’s blog and Facebook pages

Wrapped Around His Finger

Most fathers will do anything for their little girl and more than one daughter has taken advantage of this. But this goes a step too far when a female bank robber convinces her father to be her getaway driver. Oh, he didn’t agree to drive the getaway car (it was an SUV), he agreed to drive his daughter to a “job interview.” While pop was waiting, daughter-dear changed into a wig, hat and sunglasses and robbed at TD Bank in Fort Lauderdale. When she returned with the loot, she explained that the interview had gone so well that the potential employer had given her an advance – because that always happens!
Worse yet – this was not the first time she’d bummed a lift. Nor the second. Nor the third. FOUR. She had her dad drive her to FOUR robberies!
Summary: Don’t believe everything she says, even if she is your little girl.

Source: SunSentinel, Fort Lauderdale News article by Adam Sacasa, 10-14-20

Cray Cray Beaver


You aren’t the only one doing some last minute shopping and getting frustrated at not finding what you’re looking for on the shelves. A Maryland Police Department responded to a break-in call at a local shop and found this beaver trashing the Christmas section. Damages included an unfortunate artificial tree. The beaver “attempted to flee the area,” according the the official report and was apprehended and released unharmed. I’m very impressed that the St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Officers carry such tiny handcuffs.



A Winter Haven restaurant is short one gumball machine after a “repair man” took the machine outside to be serviced on 11/4/16 and then drove away. This gumball machine had a racing-theme and $800 worth of gumballs! Police are seeking information on anyone who has recently been diagnosed with diabetes and/or rapid-onset tooth decay.
Summary: Gumball machines hold $800 worth of candy!
Source: UPI article by Daniel Uria



That’s what should happen when you make up the names of children and their fictitious parents and add them to the list of real children in need. A Polk County woman who drives a Caddie and receives public assistance assisted herself to 118 unwrapped new toys (found in her home) and, oh joy, she was a volunteer last year, as well. But now she’ll be the recipient of a new wardrobe and free meals for the duration of her stay in jail.

Source: FOX 13 News, Tampa, staff reporter, 12-14-16
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