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“Mayberry on Acid”

Sunday, April 17th, 2016

“Mayberry on Acid” reads the sign in one of the many tourist shops that climb the main street of Bisbee, AZ.  The town sits eight miles from the border of Mexico and I visited in February because of a recommendation of a man sitting next to me on a bar stool in Tuscon.

“You should go!” So I did.

Bisbee, AZ is a mountain resort town that sits nearly on the Mexican border

Bisbee, AZ is a mountain resort town that sits nearly on the Mexican border

The town’s elevation attracts tourists because it is about 10 degrees cooler here than in Tuscon.  You might need a burro to climb the main street or reach one of the guest houses.  Many of these accommodations feature fabulous views, streets that would put San Francisco’s crooked street to shame and stairs, stairs and more stairs.

The Copper Queen Hotel is the jewel of the town past, present and future.

The Copper Queen Hotel is the jewel of the town past, present and future.

We stayed in the Copper Queen.  You can’t miss it.  This is the biggest building in town.  I was built when the Copper Mine opened, then a hard-rock mine.  It remained there for the famous, the working class and the working-girls.

Famous folks stayed at the Copper Queen.

Famous folks stayed at the Copper Queen.

Two plaques drew my attention.  President Teddy Roosevelt stayed here, of course, and actor John Wayne, also of course. The names of other plaques were not familiar but I discovered they are former working girls and one is a resident ghost.  They still rent his room, though.

The Copper Queen is still a grand old lady with a checkered past

The Copper Queen is still a grand old lady with a checkered past.

Entering the lobby and looking at the safe tucked behind the counter and the old room keys, I really felt I should ask for a brandy and a cigar.

A t-shirt in one of the shops advertises Bisbee as Mayberry on Acid

A t-shirt in one of the shops advertises Bisbee as Mayberry on Acid

There are many artists in Bisbee and creative folks.  This is a fence made of old metal headboards that I found really creative.

2016-02-08 12.50.50

Not all the sights are awe-inspiring. This is the remains of the Lavender Pit – an open pit copper mine.

900 feet deep scar sits south of Bisbee – the Lavender Pit is named for the man who founded the mine, not for the color of the stone.

2016-02-08 21.34.27

The bars that were once filled with copper miners are now filled with tourists drinking margaritas.

I sat at the bar in this popular Mexican restaurant and watched the bartender making Margaritas like a Margarita-making machine.  They are the most popular drink there, he said.  I watched a petite woman finish hers and weave out the door with her date who looked none too steady on his feet.  Seems like a one-and-done drink.

February Research Trip to Arizona

Wednesday, March 9th, 2016
Author Jenna Kernan

Jenna Kernan research trip for new mini-series: APACHE PROTECTORS: Tribal Thunder

Lucky me!  I got out of cold, damp, snowy New York in February this year.  I’ve never been south of the Grand Canyon before and this time I nearly made it to Mexico.

Author Jenna Kernan

Cactus give terrible directions!

I was doing some research for an upcoming series I am writing for Harlequin Intrigue.

I’m really pleased to announce that my APACHE PROTECTOR series, that finishes up in June 2016, will be followed by a new mini-series called APACHE PROTECTORS: TRIBAL THUNDER.

Author Jenna Kernan

Jenna Kernan takes a wrong turn on a hike to cliff dwelling.

In preparation, I got myself out to Arizona in February to see and touch and smell.  All these experiences help me make my writing more vivid and evocative–help me get it right, when describing a place.  There is no substitute for experiencing something.

I’ll be sharing more of this trip in my blog, including the mining town, ghost town and Apache reservations that I visited.  I hope you will stop back.

What is a Shadow Wolf?

Friday, October 16th, 2015


Jenna Kernan talks about a unique law enforcement unit – the Shadow Wolves.

How did you first hear about the Shadow Wolves?

Well, I knew I wanted to write a romantic suspense series featuring four Apache Brothers and assumed that I would set the stories in an imaginary reservation in Oklahoma, Texas or Arizona.  So I started reading all I could about the Apache people.  I began with history then geography.  I watched YouTube videos of parades and rodeos and ceremonies.  I visited tribal websites and Googled news articles about both Apach.  When I expanded my search to include Native Americans and law enforcement, I stumbled on the Shadow Wolves.  Much to my own surprise, I decided I needed to feature the Shadow Wolves in book #1, also titled SHADOW WOLF, and set the first story on the border.

What are the Shadow Wolves?

The Shadow Wolves is a specialized unit which is a branch of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  Interestingly this unit was established because of the indigenous people (the Tohono-O’oham) insisted that the law enforcement allowed on their lands have “at least one-fourth Native-American ancestry.” (Reference: Wikipedia/ShadowWolves)  As a result the Shadow Wolves became the first law enforcement unit allowed on the O’odham land.

What is ‘Cutting for Sign’?

Cutting for sign is an expression that means working back and forth over a territory in search of subtle indicators of the passing of man or animal.  These indicators might be an indentation in the sand, a bent or broken branch.  A tire track.  The best trackers can extract a great deal of information from these signs.  The Shadow Wolves mission is to find and apprehend illegal immigrants but most particularly drug traffickers who often use mules (humans who carry drugs) to make the dangerous and unlawful crossing.

Who is your Shadow Wolf?

I have two!  The younger Cosen brothers, Kino and Clay are both working with the Shadow Wolves when the first story, SHADOW WOLF, opens.  Kino is the best shot of all the Cosen brothers and he is on a mission of vengeance to find the man who murdered his father.  He has the killer in his sights when a woman, stumbles into his shot leaving him with the dilemma–Take his shot or save the girl?

Here’s a video with more about the shadow wolves.

Here’s a link for Chapter One of my story SHADOW WOLF, book #1 in the APACHE PROTECTOR series.

Here’s the buy link for SHADOW WOLF

Book #2 – HUNTER MOON, arrives in January 2015

Shadow Wolf, Apache Protector, Jenna Kernan, Harlequin IntrigueHunter Moon, Apache Protector, Harlequin Intrigue

Writers Retreats

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015
Author panel at Maine Romance Writers retreat with Madeline Hunter, Sandy Sullivan and Jean Joachim

Author panel at Maine Romance Writers retreat with Madeline Hunter, Sandy Sullivan and Jean Joachim

I had the opportunity to share two very different writers’ retreats in the last two months.  One was very intimate with only four of my fellow published writers.  We spent one day on four brain-storming sessions of one hour each, the topic to be chosen by each author.  As usual, I learned just as much if not more from the other writer’s sessions.  In case you are curious the sessions included one on promotion, one on plotting, one on career planning and one creating a street-team for marketing.

The second retreat was more traditional and formal, with guest speakers and plenty of opportunities for networking and a free exchange of ideas.  Thanks to the Maine Romance Writers, I have learned a little about Facebook Book Launch parties and how to create some jpegs for twitter.  It is just fascinating how generous writers are with their talents.

Here is my first twitter jpeg that I created myself (she says proudly).

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