You Think You Know Someone…10 Things I’ll Bet You Don’t Know…

Jenna Kernan  is sharing some secrets about herself with us that you may not have ever guessed!

1) Information Specialist: I once worked the information booth at Book Expo America in New York City’s Javitts Center, after it was technically closed, because there was no other place to sit and eat lunch with my editor. I fielded questions which I had no authority whatsoever to answer, all through the meal. Mostly this involved telling attendees that they were out of tickets for author events, which seemed obvious to me, since the booth was unmanned.

2)  Ukulele Lady I’ve taken up playing the ukulele since arriving in Florida because it seemed to be the thing to do. I’ve collected three ukes including my first one which was purchased at a flea market for $8. I told my husband if I learned to play three songs I’d buy a good one.

Want all 10?

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