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Sunday, February 19th, 2017

Turquoise Guardian #1 or Eagle Warrior #2?

Readers have strong opinions about covers and it is one of the aspects of publishing of which the writer has very little control. I send the pertinent details of the physical appearance of the hero and heroine along with the setting. In addition I usually provide some photos of various important clothing or setting details. I sent several images of traditional and modern medicine pouches as worn by some Native Americans and others. You can see the art departments interpretation of this around the neck of Ray Strong in the Eagle Warrior Cover.

So…which is your favorite cover?


Friday, February 17th, 2017

Can you see what’s different?

You need a sharp eye to spot the difference in these nearly identical covers.  There is only one change between them.  Can you find it?

Author Jenna Kernan on her New Release

Sunday, February 12th, 2017


Have you picked up your copy of the second in my new romantic suspense series from Harlequin Intrigue?  Eagle Warrior is a fast read and features my bad-boy, Ray Strong.  Most folks wouldn’t trust Ray to look after a house plant let alone a woman and child, but that is just what happens.  Now he has to figure out if protecting Morgan Hooke means protecting the enemy.

If you love a treasure hunt paired with a thrill-ride, you’ll love EAGLE WARRIOR.



Author Jenna Kernan Unboxing EAGLE WARRIOR

Wednesday, February 8th, 2017


I love to share the excitement of a new release with my readers.  Here’s the unboxing of book #2 in my latest series – APACHE PROTECTORS: TRIBAL THUNDER.  This is a new romantic suspense from Harlequin Intrigue and continues the journey of the men of Turquoise Canyon as they face a threat from eco-extremists.  In EAGLE WARRIOR readers get another piece of the puzzle and important clues to the target of the attack.


Eagle Warrior is an “…edge of your seat thriller…”

Saturday, February 4th, 2017

Digital Now Available!

Amazon Review are Coming In

Have you seen the Amazon Reviews for Eagle Warrior, #2 in the APACHE PROTECTORS: TRIBAL THUNDER series from Harlequin Intrigue?  Here’s what readers are saying:

An attention grabber! This fast paced book takes us from one danger to another…

Lynn B

An amazing read. Full of surprises,a sit on the edge of your seat thriller.Lots of suspense and mystery. Next book in the series please.

A Kindle Customer

Jenna Kernan has once again bought us another exciting thrill ride!

Kristofer VanDaniker

Jenna writes a wonderful adventure -love story. Don’t miss it!

Amazon Customer

Jenna Kernan is a 5 star author and you will enjoy!

Lynn Grier

This thrilling new story will have you wanting more!

A. Shiv

 It’s an emotional journey and I can’t wait to see how it will all come together in the end! Awesome book

Misty Dawn

Heart stopping moments will keep you wanting more from this author. This is an action packed adventure that I could not stop reading.

Cathy Stephens