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4 Reasons Joining My Review Team is Sweeter Than Christmas Morning

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

  1. Autographed Books – Yup!  I autograph every book I send my review team, every time

  2. Advanced Reads – My review team gets my newest romantic suspense novels between 6 weeks and two months before the publication date.thickpaperbackfront_tg

  3. FREE BOOKS – I send them to your address at no charge and I even pick up the postage.

  4. Goodies! I tuck little surprises in with the books, like buttons, postcards, bookmarks, coasters, lunch bags as a way of thanking the best review team on earth.

What’s the catch? Well, you have to agree to read my books and post a review in a timely manner.

Want to Join?

The application is on my homepage or you can use this link: JOIN JENNA’S REVIEW CREW

Jenna Kernan’s #CrazyFloridaLife – November 2016

Friday, November 11th, 2016
Life is just as crazy here!

Hard to believe!

Here’s This Month’s Crazy Florida Life Offerings

As part of my move to Florida from NY, I have begun posting stories about my new home state on my Professional Facebook page every Wednesday.

If you like them – go give my page a like.  Not a Facebook fan?  No problem!  Read my posts about Florida Life here…



Did you know they have a Mullet Toss competition down here where people pay $15 to throw a dead mullet from #Florida over the state line into #Alabama? It’s true and looks like quite a party. I’m looking forward to visiting the #Panhandle.



Why did they bury the lead? “Troopers said they found multiple Florida drivers licenses in her purse, and loaded guns and handcuffs in her car.”
This from WFTV Channel 9 – interesting part of the state, Central Florida. Read more here…



FL Tuesday again and it includes a #PokemonGo tip. When the police ask you to leave a closed park at night, you should probably power down. Here’s a clip from First Coast News, July 22, 2016″
“Police tase Florida man after refusing to leave park while playing Pokémon GO”

“Tampa, FL – Just when you thought you had heard the craziest story about people playing Pokémon GO, there’s this.

At 10:30 p.m. Thursday night officers responded to Ballast Point Park in response to a complaint of trespassers in the park after closing time. When officers arrived they observed about 150 people still in the park playing the virtual game Pokémon GO.”
All but one left when directed. The one who did not got tased.…/florida-man-pokem…/279684987



Want to see an emu juke law enforcement? Who doesn’t?…/evasive-emu-sends-deputies-…/459569291

Thanks WFTV Channel 9 for reminding me that Florida has a whole different set of problems.



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#CrayCrayCrime – October 2016 What have you done?

Tuesday, November 1st, 2016
#CrayCrayCrime is a feature on Jenna Kernan's blog and Facebook pages

#CrayCrayCrime is a feature on Jenna Kernan’s blog and Facebook pages

Cray Cray Crime

Every Saturday I feature what I call #CrayCrayCrime on my Facebook page– crime from around the world that stuns, amuses or leaves me scratching my head.  I feature all four posts on my blog.  So here is the month of October 2016, three posts for the weeks I’ve been featuring this topic.

Not Your Typical Church Service

Sadly a Florida Church has lost its tax-exempt status because the Tabernacle, as it is called, was operating what is known as a night club.  Way to capitalized on Spring Break traffic in a creative and not entirely legal operation.  The specific event that tipped the legal scales and earned the attention of law enforcement was called Amnesia which involved naked paint parties.

I have a strong feeling that spring break will be a treasure trove for #CrayCrayCrime

Source and more…

Home Made Bikini is a Clear Violation

A 59 year old New Jersey man was arrested in Beach Haven, NJ for crafting a homemade bikini from clear plastic wrap.  Police did not appreciate the man’s crafty skills and charged him with lewdness.  You can’t make this up.  Blame it on the heat?  #CrayCrayCrime

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You Broke it, You Bought it

No use crying over spilled milk.  But one hapless shopper from across the pond managed to knock over two huge flatscreen TVs one into the next.  This turn of events so shocked the London shopper, he backed up into two other flatscreen televisions.  Crash.  Crash.  Two becomes four and the final tab was over $6000.  Best of all, the entire cataclysm was caught on surveillance camera.  I’m not sure if the ex-customer was charged for the damage or if he was pardoned but you can watch the video here.  No charge.

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