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Apache Protectors series continues…

Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

The New Cover is Here…

…for my January 2017 release.  This is the first of four and available now on Amazon.  I’ll be posting what I sent Harlequin’s Art Department so you can see how they did.  I’m loving the single male hero covers and really intrigued by the perspective.  This is Carter Bear Den.  He’s a hot shot who fights wildfire for a living and wildfire is about to take-over his world when he arrives just in time to rescue his old flame from a mass shooting and uncovers a plot that threatens his tribe.  TURQUOISE GUARDIAN is available for pre-order now.

New Cover for Apache Protector - TURQUOISE GUARDIAN by Jenna Kernan

                                                 Pre-Order Now!


Her Warrior Protector 

Carter Bear Den is a proud Apache of the Turquoise Canyon Reservation. The former US Marine is a member of the Turquoise Guardians working to protect his people and their land. When he discovers a grisly mass shooting at the Lilac Copper Mine, Carter’s one thought is to find Amber Kitcheyan.

After breaking her engagement to Carter and relinquishing her membership with the reservation, Amber found work at the mine. Now she is the sole survivor of the shooting—at best a witness, at worst a suspect. But Carter swears to protect the only woman he has ever loved, even if it means losing everything else.

Apache Protectors: Tribal Thunder


Saturday, September 17th, 2016
My desk before the move

My desk before the move


As I write this in my longtime home in New York State, I realize that when it posts I will have already moved to my new home in Florida.  I’m making some big changes, including leaving my day job to pursue writing full-time.  Other changes include downsizing my lifestyle.  This reduces the financial burden and will give me more freedom.  But the process!!

The bookshelves are beginning to look empty

The bookshelves are beginning to look empty

The last year has included yard sales, trips to donate household goods to my local charities, donations to my church rummage sale, Craigslist posts and giving away possessions to family members.


As I divest myself of possessions, I find, instead of regret or sorrow, an unexpected feeling of joy and freedom that comes from not having so many things to look after, dust, wash and store.  My husband and I shredded paper for one solid week.  I still cannot believe how much paper I had in closets, cupboards, filing cabinets and my desk.

On the left is my office in NY, then the office nearly empty and finally writing in the dining room waiting for the movers.

On the left is my office in NY, then the office nearly empty and finally writing in the dining room waiting for the movers.


During the entire process, I have been writing.  First in my office.  Then in my stripped down office, then in my staged for sale office, then in my empty office, and then on my desk in the dining room after the sale when this surface doubled as our dining room table and finally at my breakfast counter when my desk was disassembled for transport.

Here's my view after a day of writing now.

Here’s my view after a day of writing now.

So bon voyage to me and mine. I’m beginning again in a new place… but one thing that will not changed is my love for telling stories and finding a time and place to write.

This post first appeared in June on the Pink Heart Society Blog