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Jenna Kernan’s September Release – THE WARRIOR’S CAPTIVE BRIDE

Friday, July 29th, 2016

The Warrior’s Captive Bride

A Crow warrior captures the woman who cursed him and discovers only she holds the cure.

A Crow warrior captures the woman who cursed him and discovers only she holds the cure.

His wife for two moons…? 

Plagued by a mysterious sickness, Crow warrior Night Storm captures the witch he believes cursed him. But his anticipated revenge dissolves when he realizes that beautiful Skylark might be the only one who can provide a cure…

Skylark agrees to pose as Night Storm’s wife so she can find a way to heal him. But when an unexpected desire flares, Sky’s mission changes and she’ll do everything in her power to find a way to make their arrangement last a lifetime!



New Home – The Sunshine State

Sunday, July 24th, 2016

I’m trying to adjust to a slower speed. This is challenging for a NY girl.

I’ve moved from my long-time home in New York’s Hudson Valley to the coast of Florida.  My driver’s license makes it official.  In the heat of July, I am enjoying writing indoors and find myself developing new routines.

You can't beat the sunsets here.

You can’t beat the sunsets here.

I’ve been swimming first thing in the morning and then getting to my office to write.  In the evenings, I walk the beach.  The Skimmer birds and the Terns are raising their young near the sea grass and I enjoy the raucousness of their parenting.  Those babies are always hungry.

I think the climate agrees with me.  I got my proposal in early for book #3 in the Harlequin Intrigue series APACHE PROTECTORS: TRIBAL THUNDER.  And I’m hoping to have the draft for that story completed this week.

The copy edits for book #2 EAGLE DANCER are done and so are the final edits for book #1 TURQUOISE GUARDIANS.  Those stories arrive in January and February 2017.

I’m turning my attention to my September release, a Western historical, THE WARRIOR’S CAPTIVE BRIDE.  My editor is encouraging me to enter this one in the Rita Awards from Romance Writers of America. That’s good feedback.  I’m looking forward to the September 1 release and hearing from my readers if they agree.

Daytrip – Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden at Bronx Botanic Garden

Friday, July 22nd, 2016

Visit the Garden

Jenna Kernan exploring the @NYBG rose garden

Jenna Kernan exploring the @NYBG rose garden

Last month I said that water brings me calm and so is a favorite destinations when I need to relax.  A very close second is a visit to the garden. Any garden, but especially the New York Botanic Garden (@NYBG) in June because…ROSES!

2016-06-15 12.23.53

A spectacular rose-covered arches lead into the garden

I’ve never met a garden I didn’t like.  The NYBG or New York Botanic Garden is a gem.  I missed the May visit which is spectacular for azaleas.  But I did arrive in perfect time to visit the Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden.

The scent of roses fills the air.

The scent of roses fills the air.

Completed in 1988 by David Rockefeller and named for his wife, “The Rose Garden has received many international awards, and is considered to be among the world’s best rose gardens.” according to the NYBG site.

2016-06-15 12.30.29

June Means Roses

Roses require lots of TLC – the Bronx Botanic Garden has a really great blog with lots of great information for gardener to help roses thrive.

2016-06-15 12.29.22

The central arbor is draped in climbing roses

Rose Watch!

The NYBG website has a rose color meter called ROSE WATCH!  How happy was I to visit on a week that had 80 percent peak color.  They weren’t lying.  Magnificent in color and scent.

2016-06-15 12.09.46

Yes – this is a purple rose.