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Q&A Video with Author Jenna Kernan on Hunter Moon, #2 in Apache Protector series

Friday, January 29th, 2016

Author Jenna Kernan answers questions on her latest release in the popular Apache Protector’s series.

Hunter Moon is book #2 in her debut romantic suspense series from Harlequin Intrigue


Cover Reveal – APACHE PROTECTORS (#3) Tribal Law

Thursday, January 28th, 2016


Releasing in May 2015, Book #3 in Jenna Kernan's popular APACHE PROTECTORS series Tribal Law

Releasing in May 2015, Book #3 in Jenna Kernan’s popular APACHE PROTECTORS series – Tribal Law

You’ll have to wait until April 17th for the release, but here is my cover reveal for TRIBAL LAW (#3) in my APACHE PROTECTORS series.  Get ready to meet Gabe Cosen, the chief of tribal police on Black Mountain.

Book excerpts are up on my website,

It’s never too early to pre-order!

Q&A Apache Protectors (#1) Shadow Wolf

Thursday, January 21st, 2016

Author Jenna Kernan answers a few questions of her popular APACHE PROTECTORS series.  Here she delivers the inside scoop on book #1, SHADOW WOLF introducing fans to the Cosen brothers and their search for their missing little sister.

“Kernan’s Story is Flat-Out Good.”

Monday, January 11th, 2016
First two release in the APACHE PROTECTOR series are here!

First two release in the APACHE PROTECTOR series are here!

I don’t know if you get RT Book Reviews, but I sure do.  I’ve been waiting for first reviews on my new romantic suspense series, my first, for the Harlequin Intrigue line.  So the wait is over and here is what they had to say:

SHADOW WOLF, Apache Protectors #1 – 4  1/2 STARS

Shadow Wolf gets 4 1/2 stars

Shadow Wolf gets 4 1/2 stars

“Kernan’s story is just flat-out good.  There are some imaginative and heart-stopping scenes involving rattlesnakes.  But what’s a few scary poisonous snakes when you’ve got a hot Apache hero?”

~Susannah Balch, RT Book Club~

HUNTER MOON, Apache Protectors #2 – 4 STARS

Hunter Moon, Apache Protectors get 4 Stars

“Kernan’s second Apache Protectors book proves her strong storytelling abilities.  Without a doubt, fans will be left anxious for the next Cosen brothers story.”

~Susannah Balch, RT Book Club~

Thanks to all the readers who have taken the time to review by Apache Protectors series on Amazon and GoodReads.  Those reviews really help!

Happy Reading!


Monday, January 4th, 2016
SHADOW WOLF makes top 100 in romance

SHADOW WOLF makes top 100 in romance

I got a call from my agent last month.  She wanted to congratulate me because the first story in the APACHE PROTECTORS series made the top 100 romances sold reaching number nineteen.  Both my agent and editor were pretty excited, so I was excited, too.

Exciting times.  And times filled with joy and gratitude.

This month I am back to the things I can control and working  on a new story.

Last month, I finished revisions on by third story in TRIBAL LAW which is really good because I just saw that it is listed on Amazon and already has presales, so I’m really relieved to tell you that the book is complete, revisions done, edits and copy-edits submitted.  That means the book is out of my hands and I’ll I have left to do is check my inbox for the cover of this book.  I can’t wait to see it.  So far I am really crazy in love with the covers of SHADOW WOLF and HUNTER MOON.

In book 3 in the APACHE PROTECTOR series, TRIBAL LAW, the second to the oldest brother, Gabe, takes up the search for his missing little sister and, well, I’ll let you read the back cover…

Only the warrior from her past could save her now… 

Tribal police chief Gabe Cosen would do anything to protect his people and their reservation. This sheer dedication to the law had even cost him his fiancée. Selena Dosela had never forgiven him for sending her father to prison. But with trouble back on her doorstep, Gabe vowed to keep her safe.

Only extreme fear for her family would allow Selena to accept Gabe’s help. Despite all they had been through, Selena knew she could trust him with the lives of those she loved. The lawman would never break his word…but if she wasn’t careful, he might break her heart again.


In other news, I’ve finished the final story, NATIVE BORN, and was surprised to see that Amazon already has this one listed, as well.  Here’s the back cover text which is so good, it makes me want to pre-order the book just to see how the series ends.


Apache tribal counsel member Clyne Cosen needs the FBI’s protection. But having Agent Cassidy Walker as his personal bodyguard presents its own dangers. His involvement in the custody battle for Cassidy’s adopted Apache daughter muddled the lines between personal and professional. Now he has feelings for a woman who was not native born.

Cassidy will do her job at any cost. But being so close to Clyne means the FBI agent sees him as more than just the man who could take her daughter—he might also steal her heart. Duty. Desire. Which path will Cassidy take…or will a bullet make that decision for her?


Oooh!  That does sound good.  I’m always impressed with the back cover copy writers at Harlequin.  They really know how to write a compelling hook.

I hope your new year is filled with many good hooks and many great books.