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November News & First Review on Shadow Wolf

Wednesday, November 25th, 2015


2015-11-23 11.06.05


My first Intrigue, SHADOW WOLF, appeared on shelves this month. The thrill of seeing my story on the shelf never gets old as you can see from my stupid grin.  This is book #1 in my new APACHE PROTECTOR series.




My second in the series has reached me and will be on the shelves in mid-December. I really love the way both covers feature my heroes as protectors. Great job Harlequin Art Department.



This review made my day!

4 stars


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Authors Anna DePalo, Laura Bradford, Mary Ann Bass and Jenna Kernan at their writers' retreat

Authors Anna DePalo, Laura Bradford, Mary Ann Bass and Jenna Kernan at their writers’ retreat


We had our second annual writers retreat this month. I always am amazed by the creative energy of these writers and found the brainstorming sessions particularly beneficial.


I’m starting a review team. Members get my stories free in advance of release in exchange for a fair and honest review.   You can too!





Great Review for Shadow Wolf (#1 Apache Protectors)

Wednesday, November 4th, 2015


UK Edition of Shadow Wolf arrives, sort-of...

UK Edition of Shadow Wolf arrives.

This has been a strange, wonderful and stressful month.

My very first romantic suspense, Shadow Wolf, is releasing in a little over two weeks and that means that some early reviews are in.  I got a wonderful review from RT Book Reviews.  Four and a half stars.

Reviewer Susannah Balch said, “Jenna’s story is just flat-out good.” 

Now that is the wonderful part.

2015-11-03 11.22.34-1

Fall leaves near Jenna Kernan’s home.

Reading that really made my day.  Also making my world a little happier is the wonderful, unexpected warm weather and spectacular fall colors.

The stressful part was that my third book needed a rewrite.  I worked very hard to pick up the pace as my editor requested.  The results are a much better story, but revisions did put be a little behind on the draft for book #4 Native Born. To prevent me from sitting for hours on revisions, I improvised a stand-up desk by tipping my monitor back against the wall and moving my mouse to the top of the desk.  I also listen to my story using a text-to-speech program so I wear headphones.  This all makes me feel a little like a DJ instead of a writer.

2015-11-04 10.42.21

DJ or writer? It’s hard to tell as Jenna Kernan finishes up her revisions and copy edits on book #3 TRIBAL LAW

The strange part of my month arrived in a box.

Does your postman know a little too much about you?  Mine does.  But I have him fooled with one thing.  He thinks I’m a fervent reader of Harlequin romance because I get giant boxes from Harlequin and naturally assumes that I am reading the contents.  I didn’t tell him that the box contains 48 copies of the same book and that I am not really that fast a reader.  This week he brought me a smaller box of odd cardboard.  That signals the contents contain my UK editions.  Inside this box was my first Intrigue bundled with another title.  You know they have never picked my cover for a bundle?  It is always the other authors cover.  What’s up with that?  They also included a large print hardcover copy.  I am always happy to see these.  But this time the enclosed book was not mine.  So that’s the strange part.  My postman delivering a box of my books to me that are not mine.  Strange.