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What is a Shadow Wolf?

Friday, October 16th, 2015


Jenna Kernan talks about a unique law enforcement unit – the Shadow Wolves.

How did you first hear about the Shadow Wolves?

Well, I knew I wanted to write a romantic suspense series featuring four Apache Brothers and assumed that I would set the stories in an imaginary reservation in Oklahoma, Texas or Arizona.  So I started reading all I could about the Apache people.  I began with history then geography.  I watched YouTube videos of parades and rodeos and ceremonies.  I visited tribal websites and Googled news articles about both Apach.  When I expanded my search to include Native Americans and law enforcement, I stumbled on the Shadow Wolves.  Much to my own surprise, I decided I needed to feature the Shadow Wolves in book #1, also titled SHADOW WOLF, and set the first story on the border.

What are the Shadow Wolves?

The Shadow Wolves is a specialized unit which is a branch of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  Interestingly this unit was established because of the indigenous people (the Tohono-O’oham) insisted that the law enforcement allowed on their lands have “at least one-fourth Native-American ancestry.” (Reference: Wikipedia/ShadowWolves)  As a result the Shadow Wolves became the first law enforcement unit allowed on the O’odham land.

What is ‘Cutting for Sign’?

Cutting for sign is an expression that means working back and forth over a territory in search of subtle indicators of the passing of man or animal.  These indicators might be an indentation in the sand, a bent or broken branch.  A tire track.  The best trackers can extract a great deal of information from these signs.  The Shadow Wolves mission is to find and apprehend illegal immigrants but most particularly drug traffickers who often use mules (humans who carry drugs) to make the dangerous and unlawful crossing.

Who is your Shadow Wolf?

I have two!  The younger Cosen brothers, Kino and Clay are both working with the Shadow Wolves when the first story, SHADOW WOLF, opens.  Kino is the best shot of all the Cosen brothers and he is on a mission of vengeance to find the man who murdered his father.  He has the killer in his sights when a woman, stumbles into his shot leaving him with the dilemma–Take his shot or save the girl?

Here’s a video with more about the shadow wolves.

Here’s a link for Chapter One of my story SHADOW WOLF, book #1 in the APACHE PROTECTOR series.

Here’s the buy link for SHADOW WOLF

Book #2 – HUNTER MOON, arrives in January 2015

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