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Life: Halloween Cats

Sunday, October 28th, 2012
Don’t worry, I’m working on my next paranormal romance for Nocturne and getting ready for the release of my next Western romance, THE TEXAS RANGER’S DAUGHTER, in February 2013.  But I wanted to give the cats equal billing this week as the dogs ran the Halloween parade last week.
So here are my top five Halloween cat costumes.
Number 5 – Not every kitty can pull off a bow and puffy sleeves.  She also has that angry princess glaring, which I appreciate.

This beauty seems to have spotted the woodsman.

Number 4 – This cat is cool and doesn’t care who knows it.

Eat your heart out James Dean

Number 3 – This cat loves the camera and also seems to love this stunning costume.  She will definately be ready for tricks or treats.

Elizabeth Taylor look alike.

Number 2 – This costume looks good on adults, toddlers and kittys, but it is the expression that makes this my #2 pick.  Precious!

A bee-coming costume

Number 1 – Funny always wins in my book.  A kitty dressed as a flightless bird tickles me and look how the owner has managed to get kitty’s whiskers through the eye holes of this penguin mask.

Wolf in sheep’s clothing?


I hope your Halloween is filled with treats and fun.

Life: Halloween

Sunday, October 21st, 2012

Life: Halloween

I’m thinking of dressing as the Crazy Cat Lady as seen on Harlequin’s Pinterest page  I know many of my fans and writer friends are cat fans but I prefer dogs.  In honor of my dogs, that never had to dress up, I’ve put my top five favorite dog costumes into this blog.

What has this to do with my writing?  Nothing at all, but I finished by Author Alterations for BEAUTY’S BEAST today and decided to just do something fun.  So here they are.

#5 –COW DOG: This cow dog is very cute.  It is not higher in my count because I know that look.  That’s the ‘what were you thinking?’ look.  Also there will be no walking with a giant pink balloon between its legs but that really makes the costume.  At least they got a photo.

#4 – FORLORN BAT: This little winged bat is just the right combination of creepy, funny and resigned.  Also the dog looks equal measures of uncomfortable and relaxed.

#3 – SILENCE OF THE DOGS: Little dogs can be scary anyway for their sheer unpredictability.  This owner gets extra points for making a costume that hides the fact that their dog needs a muzzle to go out in public.  Or perhaps it is just to protect the lambs.

#2 – POODLE ZOMBIE: This handsome costume is very original and seems homemade while looking better than the store bought competition.  I can’t tell where the dog ends and the costume begins.

#1 – HULKING BULL DOG: I am a sucker for any superhero and the Hulk is no exception.  Not just any dog can wear a costume that is so revealing.  You have to have the body for it which this Bulldog most definitely does!

Is your pet dressing up?

My Books: What Scares You?

Saturday, October 13th, 2012


Here’s my personal nightmare- a house fire at night


What scares you? The things that scare me often end up in my stories. My upcoming paranormal romance, BEAUTY’S BEAST, is no exception. In honor of the month of October, I’m including a short excerpt of my villain’s entrance into the story. Nagi, the ruler of the Circle of Ghosts, and his offspring are conjured from all the substance of my nightmares. My heroine, Samantha Proud, has spent her entire life running from this peril and now he has found her and her family.

Here’s an excerpt from BEAUTY’S BEAST:

Her mother screamed and pointed. Samantha turned to see the gray billowing smoke of evil disembodied ghosts surging toward them from the south. Samantha and Blake transformed instantly into their bear forms, standing before their mother as she gasped with one hand over her heart.

“We are found,” she cried, her words all but lost in the raging winds.

Samantha stared in horror at the approaching horde: Nagi, his evil ghosts and something hideous. She knew what these must be, felt certainty swallowing her up. She had heard of them all her life, the living offspring he had sired. Toe Taggers! Nagi’s children were pale and brutish, living monsters, all teeth, claws and quills. She covered her face and turned away.

Sebastian howled, releasing the beast within. He could not fight ghosts unless they took corporeal form and, not being a Seer, he could not even spot them. But he could make out the Toe Taggers and Nagi drawing nearer. He stood between his family and attack as he called to the heavens. The dark clouds rolled in, blotting out the stars. The shriek of the wind screamed in Samantha’s ears, but she saw him clearly, there in the south, advancing like death.

© Beauty’s Beast by Jenna Kernan, Harlequin Nocturne, April 2013


One of my reoccurring childhood nightmares included some threat to my family. The menace changed. What stayed constant was my terror at the realization that I did not have time to save them all. This recognition would paralyze me into inaction and I would wake in a panic just before the hammer fell. Nagi attacking Samantha’s family as she watches helpless is just putting the words to what I have dreamed many times.

So what monsters haunt your nightmares? Do you have any reoccurring themes?


Writer’s Life: Foreign Sales

Friday, October 5th, 2012

We all receive too many bills in the mail. But occasionally, out of the blue, I come home to find a small cardboard box on my doorstep. I now recognize them on sight. These are the two copies of foreign releases that I receive ‘when available’. I never know what country to expect or what the cover will look like.

Some covers are so similar as to be instantly recognizable. That’s the case with my Western Historical, THE TRAPPER. These covers are nearly twins except one says, “When two separate worlds come together…” and the other says “Stati Uniti, 1830”. The only thing they changed was the title from THE TRAPPER to SENTIERI SELVAGGI. I didn’t know what Sentieri Selvaggi meant. But I used an Italian/English translator so say hello to SAVAGE TRAIL.


Some arrivals are very different, but yield a clue as to which story this might be. That’s how I knew on sight that HIS DAKOTA BRIDE had turned into THE HONOR OF LUCIE (L’HONNEUR De LUCIE) because my heroine’s name is Lucie West. I think this French cover is a stunner, which goes to show that even the Historical covers are fashionable if they come from France.


Sometimes the book in the box is so completely different that I don’t even know which book has been translated. That’s the case when HIGH PLAINS BRIDE became the French release titled, THE ROSE OF THE WEST (La ROSE De L’OUEST). On this one they changed the cover and the title so that the end result is a complete departure. I had to flip this one over to search for the hero’s name. This is because the audiences in different countries have different aesthetics.  I imagine some chic Parisian looking at books during her three hour lunch break and wonder what she would think of cover of the interior of a log cabin chinked with mud and straw sporting a bed hacked from raw timber. Hard to relate—you know?

I’m wondering how the Native American Shapeshifters in my Nocturne series THE TRACKERS will transform when they go abroad and what countries they will visit.  Guess I’ll just have to keep my eye out for those intriguing little cardboard boxes.