Enemy Warriors & Lovers

June 29th, 2015

July 1.  Pre-order now.

“What would you do with her?” asked Running Wolf, already regretting his question.  If you did not wish an answer it was better not to ask.

“I would give her a knife and let her steal a horse.  And I would bet my first coup feather that she makes it to her camp before we reach ours.”

~Running Wolf, by Jenna Kernan~

Running Wolf snippet

Running Wolf snippet


Newsletter Subscribers Only Giveaway

June 15th, 2015
Jenna Kernan's Subscriber's only giveaway!

Jenna Kernan’s Subscriber’s only giveaway!

I’m preparing a newsletter this week that will mail to my subscribers at the end of the month.  To celebrate the release of RUNNING WOLF, July 1, I am running a member’s only giveaway.

I’m offering two of my autographed paranormal romances. Newsletter goes out soon.

Are you a subscriber?

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Releases July 1


GoodReads Contest #2

June 7th, 2015

GoodReads contest #2

Yes, I know the cover is upside down.

But I wanted to be sure you noticed that this was not the same contest.  This GoodReads contest ends June 11th.  Use this GoodReads Link for a chance to win one of five autographed pre-release copies of my July 1 release, RUNNING WOLF, a Western historical from Harlequin.  This one is open to US residents only.

Here’s a snippet from Running Wolf, just for fun.

She looked at him now.  “A warrior does not admit to fear.”

        “But a woman does.  She cries and uses her tears to gather sympathy.  Yet you do not.”

         “Would that work?”

         “It would make you less interesting.  And you are very interesting.”

         “I do not want your interest.”

         He laughed.  “Then you should not have unseated one of my warriors.”

(c) 2015, Jenna Kernan, Running Wolf





GoodRead G I V E A W A Y

May 26th, 2015

Closing May 29th – Five signed pre-release copies of my July Western historical release, RUNNING WOLF

Here is the link.

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Writers Retreats

May 20th, 2015
Author panel at Maine Romance Writers retreat with Madeline Hunter, Sandy Sullivan and Jean Joachim

Author panel at Maine Romance Writers retreat with Madeline Hunter, Sandy Sullivan and Jean Joachim

I had the opportunity to share two very different writers’ retreats in the last two months.  One was very intimate with only four of my fellow published writers.  We spent one day on four brain-storming sessions of one hour each, the topic to be chosen by each author.  As usual, I learned just as much if not more from the other writer’s sessions.  In case you are curious the sessions included one on promotion, one on plotting, one on career planning and one creating a street-team for marketing.

The second retreat was more traditional and formal, with guest speakers and plenty of opportunities for networking and a free exchange of ideas.  Thanks to the Maine Romance Writers, I have learned a little about Facebook Book Launch parties and how to create some jpegs for twitter.  It is just fascinating how generous writers are with their talents.

Here is my first twitter jpeg that I created myself (she says proudly).

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